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完美尖端的技术与思想的睿智完美融合,彰显的恰恰是人定胜天的创新精神。 含蓄内敛中蕴含着一种强劲的力量。 更多体现专业设备的元素,色彩中性,强调专业感和稳定感; 符合人体工学,良好的防护性,功能模组化、结构组件化,整体实现良好的扩展性。 Perfect integration of technology and wisdom, precisely shows the innovative spirit of man conquering nature, and contains a strong force in the reserved connotation. More embodies the elements of professional equipment, neutral colors, emphasis on the sense of speciality and stability; Ergonomic, repellency, functional modular structure, component-based, achieves good scalability.
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