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每个产品在设计之前都有一个亟待解决的问题,该改产品解决产品与用户之间的快捷沟通是最为关键的。产品如何更好用,如何让功能操作和数据读取更简单方便,如何携带是该产品设计的最关键的因素,深灰色的主色调,配以颜色跳跃的常用按键,开关机按键的防止误操作等等细节,都彰显着设备类产品的可信、可靠、可心的设计诉求。 Each product has a burning problem before design. The key is to start quick communication between designers and users. How to be better used? How to operate and read data more simply and conveniently? How to be portable? All of these are most important elements in design. With the main colors of dark gray, jump-colored commonly used keys, power button with the switch key of preventing accidental operation, etc. All details show designers and users’ credible, reliable and satisfied demands.
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