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该产品是呼吸机的外配件。设计需要解决的最核心的问题是人在睡眠时产品的防脱落。一个绕颈的带子和附加在额头的支撑便有效地解决了这一难点。硅橡胶的护罩柔软舒适,并能贴合复杂的面部。产品造型简洁、晶莹剔透。 The product is the external parts of the ventilator. The design needs to solve the core problem that is anti-shedding during user’s sleep. A strap around the neck and support attached to the forehead effectively can solve this problem. Silastic shield is soft and comfortable, and fit to complex conditions of face. The shape is simple, crystal and clear.
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